best uk supermarket

When you first move to the UK, it can be overwhelming just how many things are different to your home country – including knowing what supermarket to shop at! Here’s some info on the best UK supermarkets and how to choose your favourite.

At a glance:

  • Most Brits say “supermarket” instead of “grocery store” like North Americans would normally say
  • There are a lot of in-person supermarkets, but many of them ofter online shopping
  • Where you shop at is usually determined by what shop is closest to you (or which one is convenient to get to)
  • Some foreigners develop food intolerances and sensitivities after moving to the UK – make sure to keep an eye on your food and your body’s reaction!

Best budget UK supermarkets

Some of the cheapest supermarkets are places like Lidl, Aldi, ASDA and Morrison’s. Lidl and Aldi are branded as “discount supermarkets” but may not have the biggest selection. Meanwhile, ASDA and Morrison’s can have huge stores where you can get everything you need but still for a cheap price.

It’s always best to remember that the cheapest options are not always the best quality.

Best UK Supermarkets

Mid-range UK supermarkets

Some mid-range UK supermarkets include places like Sainsbury’s, Co-Op and Tesco. These options have a wide variety of products while still remaining reasonable for your budget.

As an immigrant in the UK, I personally love Tesco and haven’t had any bad experiences with their stores.

Remember: If you are not getting a UK driving license, you’ll want to find shops that are conveniently along a bus or train route!

Most expensive UK supermarkets

Finally, some of the most expensive UK supermarkets are Marks and Spencer, Ocado and Waitrose. These shops usually have unique products with high quality, but also come with a bigger price tag. Many British people will do their “big shop” at a cheaper store like Tesco or ASDA and then pick up goodies, treats and odd bits from a more expensive place like M&S or Waitrose.

If you want to shop at these expensive supermarkets, make sure you have a good budget!

Just because these stores cost more, it doesn’t always mean it’s worth it.

What’s in my English fridge?

Best UK supermarkets

Everyone has their favourite UK supermarket. So what’s the best one to shop at? In the end, it depends on your own personal taste, budget and location. From one immigrant to another, I would recommend doing your grocery shopping at each supermarket near your home. Give each store a chance and then you can make your decision on which you liked most.

In no time at all, you’ll have your own favourite UK supermarket!