Travel advice for stress-free travel

Whether you’re moving abroad or going away on vacation, stress-free travel is a must. Here are the top tips and travel advice for a stress-free trip.

1. Do your research!

This goes without saying, but the more research you do, the better you’ll feel. Whether you’re researching what the weather will be like at your new resort, or you’re checking baggage weight allowance to the country you’re moving to – it’s all important. Never skimp on doing the proper research before you travel.

Important travel research could include things like:

  • What will the weather will be like (and thus what clothes you should pack)
  • Any travel restrictions for your flight and luggage
  • When can you check-in for your flight?
  • Whether you need a tourist visa to enter that country or not
  • Any major roadworks or construction on the way to the airport? This could impact how quickly you can get there
  • How much money will I need? (Need advice on saving money for travelling? Check out my article: How to Save Money For Travel)
  • Are there any travel advice warnings for the country you want to visit?

2. Book a morning flight

I’m always suspicious of people who love mornings, but they’re actually the best time for flights for a few reasons.

If your morning flight is cancelled, it’s likely there’s another one later on in the day. Your trip is still possible! Those with travel experience always go for the morning flights.

If you have a connecting flight, it’s super important to give yourself enough time between the two flights. Having a morning flights helps allow for more time for your to catch your connecting flight. If the first one is delayed, you should still have enough time (if you plan properly).

What is the best seat to book on an airplane?

Common to popular belief, the aisle seat is the best seat on an airplane. Whenever I travel, whether for work or for a vacation, I always book the aisle seat, for a few reasons:

  • You can get up and walk around as much as you want! You’ll never need to wake a sleeping neighbour to get out of your seat
  • Staying hydrated on a plane is super important, which also includes lots of trips to the bathroom. Doesn’t matter when you have an aisle seat – you can get up whenever you need to.
  • I also like to book a seat close to the front of the plane so I board last and get off the plane first. The least amount of time on the plane as possible.
Travel advice for stress-free travel

3. Create a packing list

Although it seems annoying and time-consuming, creating and following a packing list is essential and a top travel tip. Add things to your list as you gear up for your trip, whenever you think of them. Then when you’re packing, it’s much less stressful! It’ll be one less thing you’ll need to think about, because you’ve already planned it out.

Plus, you’re likely to forget items if you pack in the moment (or only a few hours before your trip). Create your packing list and stick to it!

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4. Invest in some packing cubes

I’ve heard so many people talk about these faked “packing cubes” but I always thought it was a waste of time. Turns out, I’m completely wrong! These handy little cubes make packing a million times easier.

Whether you’re going on vacation to Mexico or moving your whole life to a new country, make sure to try out packing cubes. They’re a bit weird at first, and may take some practice, but they make packing much more efficient.

5. Comfortable shoes are a must

Forget looking great, if you’re stressed about travelling, heels aren’t going to make things any better. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes when travelling. You’ll thank me later!

Travel advice for shoes: Personally, I tend to wear my heaviest, but still comfortable, shoes when I’m flying. This also means my suitcase will be a bit lighter since my heaviest shoes are on my feet. But it also mean that I can easily run through any airport (should I need to!).

6. Check-in online

Everytime I fly, I always check-in online. Nowadays, this is basically a-must. Most flights allow you to check-in about 24 hours before your flight, but make sure to check with your airline. 

I always make sure to check-in as soon as the option is available. Make sure to set an alarm! Check-in right away means you’ll get a good choice of seats (if you can choose)! Then once you’re checked in, you don’t need to rush to the airport early. Typically, you can print your boarding pass once you check-in as well. Then you don’t need to line-up at the airport to do so.

Even though checking in online speeds up the whole process, I still like getting to the airport with plenty of time in case there are any delays or queue. 

Plus, less stress when you have enough time!

7. Top travel advice: Remember to breathe!

Most things are out of our control, even when travelling. From cancelled flights, missing luggage to everything in-between. Make sure you remember to relax and breathe. You’ll get to your destination eventually! Stressing about things outside of our control doesn’t make anything better and it certainly doesn’t make you feel better, either.

If you’re really stressed and anxious, certain meditating and calming apps might help. Apps like “Oak” (a personal favourite) is wonderful for stressful situations. Simply follow along with their deep breathing or meditating exercises on your phone for free. Most of the exercises only take a few minutes but can reduce stress massively.

I know it can be really hard, but make sure to take a deep breathe. You’re on holiday (almost)!